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Series 5 – Episode 6 Martin steps in when the school caretaker puts the children at risk. After some disastrous advice, Ewan finds himself face to face with a Freddie Mercury wannabe. Lucy is shocked to hear that Dan may not be as squeaky clean as she thought. Series 9 – Episode 40 Quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine to win a cash jackpot. After a claustrophobic incident in a cupboard, Simon feels guilty and confused. Lucy lays her cards on the table and Mario seeks some advice from his brother-in-law.

Cara gives Tom some sisterly advice, while Joey tries to find Arg a date. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. The whys just kept on coming…. Arg enlists the services of Charlie and Bobby for his St Patrick’s night party. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jeremy Kyle’s confrontational show in which guests thrash out their relationship issues. Grace confronts Fran about her behaviour and spills the beans on a rumour of her own.

Kurt and Brian on the other hand, face real problems when they realise that they have not prepared for parents evening. In fact, the time flew by as audiences were hit with one twist after another as the show culminated in its final scene and left the door open for season three.

Harry is determined to win Bobby back, but will he want to know? It was so nearly a great series, but with its sudden ending and unfinished plot lines, it makes we want to believe that a second series will be on the way. Kurt can’t understand Brian’s problems as he has far more pressing issues; a parent of one of his students shows an interest in him, that is, until she smells his breath. Simon tries to help Pauline and Cheryl sort out problems with their love lives; this all goes disastrously wrong when he mentions the problems to Kurt and Brian.


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All sane, rational questions to a seemingly insane, irrational act. Meanwhile, Bob’s sex life is suffering. Serena was promptly dragged away by a group of men as she screamed at her husband, who was responsible for it. While Bob moves up the property ladder as he moves a bed and television into his office, Kurt, Brian, Lindsay and Matt pull straws to see who has to address his personal hygiene. Series 8 – Episode 16 Margaret and Siggy get on like old friends while working a photo shoot.

The reality series returns, following the gang on their annual eevenge to Marbella. Kurt and Brian concoct a scheme to try and save Kurt from Carol; Penny gets dragged unknowingly into the episdoe.

While Kurt and Brian are convinced that Matt’s wife is highly attractive, jealous Penny tells them she is disabled.

Leah walks down the aisle in Spain, accompanied revengf a loved-up Chloe and Elliott.

But not before she told Nick that she loved him, despite still reveenge her husband Luke OT Fagbenle as well. Sharing Kurt and Brian’s flat becomes too much for Simon, so after much list writing he decides to move in with Maggie.

Parodi always feels that the closer he gets the farther away the gang becomes. Pure Evil was no different.

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episod Bob has undergone a drastic change, which is marked by a new toupee, and hated by Clare. But even though it was a bit of mess, Pure Evil was hugely watchable and enjoyable. Penny seeks her revenge with Matt.


Susan is under great pressure with the organisation of an open evening when she makes a massive decision about her marriage; she is then deeply upset that Simon lets her down and does not support her. Bobby and Charlie argue when Bobby is not invited on a boys’ night out.

Arg changes his image, Gemma gets knocked back and Bobby tries his luck in lederhosen. The Essex gang have more fun and frolics on their annual jaunt to Marbella. Kurt then suffers epksode a personal crisis as Liz begins to gossip about what happened after the Christmas party, and Lindsay opens Kurt and Brian’s eyes about the gender divide.

The Only Way is Essex

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Special episode of Britain’s most talked-about reality drama. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kirk seeks some professional help and Mario bares all to win back Lucy”s affection.

Sarah attempts to intervene in Debbie’s life. How did Ernesto and Diego and Parodi end up working together?

Series Review: Pure Evil (S1 E/13), Walter Presents – The Killing Times

Borges would probably have approved of the self-referential nature, although maybe not the story itself. The series culminates in a Christmas party where Jenny does something she might come to regret.

After some disastrous advice, Ewan finds revejge face to face with a Freddie Mercury wannabe.