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The man is MINE! In reality, what’s she currently doing seems to contradict with her idealistic dreams. Linda is planning to start a blog called King Kang. I may even be more emotionally invested because I have been watching her heart break. Kang comes back and finds Ji-hyun lost in thought. There is a rumour spreading around that Si-Woo has more than five hundred women’s contact numbers stored on his mobile phone.

Where singing and dancing skills are concerned, she feels no matter how hard she tries, there isn’t much progress and development. Does Kang know about the two penalty days that have been shaved off from Ji-Hyun’s 49 days? Gah, why so cute? Ji Jyung takes the food from In Jung, wondering out loud why a secretary is acting like an errand boy and also how In Jung knew the code to this apartment? Episode 7 dramabeans It has never once crossed her mind that she lacks the talent and capability. I think YK is aware of someone inhabiting her body, what with the unexplainable events that have been happening around her this time.

Hazel April 21, at 4: I have Kang wrapped around my dainty little fingers the moment I saved him from a gang of bullies! Gah, why so cute? No Ji Seol Genre: Is there some unsavory deal between Ji Hyun’s dad and Han Kang’s mother, one so unsavory that Ji Hyun’s dad can’t stand being reminded of it by the 111 sight of Han Kang?

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Back in the past, Kang scolds her for lying to the young couple. This is further complicated by the presence of the swimming coach, Hee Young CYRwho becomes her rival for the attentions of Do Wook. Anyone who posts these kind of requests, spam or break any of Soompi forum rules will be reported to the mods immediately without any warning given.


Those who are caught breaking the Soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their IDs reported the mods. If she does end up in Yi-Kyung’s body permanently, the plot will have to somehow resolve the whole Kang is in love Yi-Kyung because of Ji Hyun’s soul subplot, and it just seems a bit too wishywashy for me if Ji Hyun stayed in Yi Kyung’s body permanently XD.

I am a C-H! I’ve been trying to ignore this feeling but I got the urge that it is about time to join the bandwagon In Jung arrives at work just to see Min Ho driving off. Actors aside, if you look at the story alone, HK and JH really should get together and have compelling reasons for doing so. He gives her ointment for her burn on her hand, and when she refuses to walk away, he grabs her hand.

He goes to the hospital and Dad reacts badly, kicking him out.

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Hi, I just want to stop by and dayz you, ockoala, full support for whatever you do for this drama. Even though Seo Joo Young criticize harshly by treating her as an irresponsible and incompetent doctor right now, she wants to become the junior colleague who gets acknowledge from Joo Young someday. Kim Do Hoon Writer: Kang and the manager talk, with Kang expressing his worry that Yi Kyung is working at a bar in her condition.

Kang broods for a while, and then decides to tell Manager Oh everything, because he needs help processing it all. Epsiode Kyung will not die and chances are Adys Soo won’t be brought back to life. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So just start crying now.


LOL, I love this new Kang with his glib tongue and fast excuses. Yi Kyung and Yi Soo has to be together, or else I’ll cry my heart out It says that Jung woo sung’s representatives didn’t know about the divorce but I wonder if Jung woo sung himself knew about it Mom follows him out and apologizes, and Kang takes the opportunity to ask about what Ji-hyun was on her way to do, the day of her accident.

If they were too poor then how come yi kyung has so many nice clothes? Let his conscience if he has one stop himself from going any further, or go all the way regardless of an even more epusode consequence of his betrayal. Yi Kyung walks back home in the morning after her night shift, and Kang sees her walk inside the apartment.

Synopsis A story about communication and love in a family through quarrels and relationships between parents and children. Consider posting pictures in thumbnail sizes instead if they are large images.

dags I also hope the link will be provided on this blog because it would be difficult to search other than English language.

Kong-Jin Ko Soo is a genius like designer, born with dexterity and an excellent sense. I am so with you.

But this conversation is heading for dangerous waters, and her teardrop pendant burns in warning. Episode 12 by LollyPip. YY April 21, at This episode was so super awesome!