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In Hawaii , the military imposed martial law , complete with curfews and blackouts. He also shows us, through flashbacks, the personal side of the war on the home front. On 29 April scouts of the nd located a satellite camp of the infamous Dachau concentration camp next to the small Bavarian town of Lager Lechfeld, adjacent to Hurlach. Van Johnson starred in ‘s “Go For Broke,” a filmed titled after the motto of the battalion. Archived from the original on 30 January Scouts from the nd were among the first Allied troops to release prisoners from the Kaufering IV Hurlach satellite camp, one of nearly such camps, where more than 3, prisoners were held.

As of this writing, this film has mainly been on the film festival circuit – I can’t believe this was a low-budget, independent film – a period piece, and a war picture, to boot. That’s what this movie is all about. It was accurately believed that an internment of Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants in Hawaii would have had catastrophic results for the Hawaiian economy; intelligence reports at the time noted that “the Japanese, through a concentration of effort in select industries, had achieved a virtual stranglehold on several key sectors of the economy in Hawaii. At first a narrow road led to the monument, but the road was later widened to accommodate four tour buses and is now named “The Avenue of the nd Infantry Regiment” in honor of those brave soldiers. He was deeply moved by the film. The Fifth Army had been stalemated at the Gothic Line for the prior five months. For their actions in Iraq the unit received the Meritorious Unit Commendation.

This truly was the tale of forgotten heroes in World War II, and it is a movie that should be seen by anyone who has an interest in the events of World War II.


Ohata considered the order a certain suicide mission. It deserves better than that. The version I saw was close to being completed.

I began this movie with having no info about the real history behind it, only knowing that infatnry is based on true events and I hoped to learn something new by watching Only The Brave. Historians at the Army Center for Military History in Washington struggled for words to describe what happened.

While the nd trained in Mississippi, the th departed for Oran in North Africa to join the forces destined to invade Italy. That said, it’s a wonderful thing this film was made at all. Given the low budget, the director truly did an amazing job.

As they die, Takata also becomes a walking repository of their mementos: Japanese Americans at War in Europe and the Pacific. Although the order did not refer specifically to people of Japanese ancestry, it was targeted largely for the internment of people of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast.

Pago Pago, American Samoa.

After three days of devastating battle, nearly half infahtry Japanese-American troops were dead or wounded and the “Lost Battalion” was still trapped. Affiliate links used when available. There, business interests competed with those of Japanese Americans, and many bought up Japanese American properties that had to be surrendered. They discovered more subcamps and former inmates wandering the countryside.

Filming starts for movie on Japanese-American units in WWII

This was nd’s final World War II action. The First Battalion, st Infantry Regiment had been cut ingantry from food, ammunition, communications and hope for a week. I think they were more dead than they were alive because they hadn’t mvoie so much because, I think, just before we got there the S. The nd had experienced mainly prairie in Italy, but the Vosges Mountains provided a very different terrain. The packages were divided up amongst us. They took Japanese-American soldiers off the honor rolls.


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The acting ranges through very good, to “meh”, to community theater. The nd initially took Hills C and D but did not secure them and they fell back into German hands.

I had the opportunity to screen Only Regjment Brave at a special event sponsored by the filmmakers in Little Tokyo. The Story of The d Combat Team.

nd Infantry Regiment (United States) – Wikipedia

Army called for 1, volunteers from Hawaii and 3, from the mainland. Other officers will be of Japanese ancestry insofar as practicable.

The regiment is best known for its history as a fighting unit composed almost entirely of second-generation American soldiers of Japanese ancestry Nisei who fought in World War II. I gave one, cos of the effort, but that’s about it. Retrieved from ” https: In the days that followed, Germans began to surrender in the hundreds and thousands to the Fifth and Eighth Armies. This movie tries to drown you in sadness and self pity, but nothing really touches you when seeing this.

Ken Watanabe to Direct His First Film, Based on the Famed nd Infantry Regiment? – /Film

Armistice Day In France Etc. Hitler had ordered the German frontline to fight at all costs as this was the last barrier between the Allied forces and Germany. Lane, the director, was kind enough to field questions from the audience after the screening and learning how they did this on infanrry shoe-string budget made the film even more impressive to me.