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Mahmoud Abdelhameed Hussein Alzuwaidi, 25, male Shereen Fathi Osman Eiyad, 17, female Mohamed Shaeeb Osman Alagha, 22, male Now, this episode is being repeated with recent updates in the light of the latest attacks and bombing of Gaza’s only power station in which people were killed, but still reflecting the hardship of life in Gaza caused by the chronic shortage of electricity. Osman Salem Bareem, male Subhi Abdelhameed Hussein Musa, 78, male Abdelnasir Saleem Faris Abu Queik, 56, male

Since the war began, at least 11 Palestinian media workers have been killed: Nayef Fayez Nayef Alzazah, 19, male Jumaa Aatia Jumaa Shloof, 26, male Osman Salem Bareem, male Husni Mahmoud Yousef Alabbasy, 55, male Saleh Mohamed Saleh Badwey, 29, male Saher Salman Ali Abunamous, 3, male

My family were telling me, ‘No, it’s not him,’ but I knew [from] his camera and his vest written Press on it.

Mohamed Attallah Awdat Saadat, 25, male Hani Mohamed Ahmed Alhalaq, 29, male Abdalla Ramadan Jameel Abugazal, 4, male Zainab Safwat Abdabuteer, 3awfat, female Mohamed Rajaa Mohamed Handam, 15, male Ezaldeen Naeem Nasser Bilal, 27, male Mohamed Abdallah Ahmed Alzahouq, 32, male Mohamed Ahmed Samiree, 25, male Hassan Majdi Mahmoud Radwan, 19, male Raaed Mansour Nayef, male Abdelrahman Yousef Ahmed Saadat, 24, male Hatim Ziad Ali Alzabout, 24, male Maysara Anwar Sulaiman Derazeen, 6, male Aliaa Khadar Yousef Siyam, 33, female Mohamed Essam Subhi Albatesh, 17, male Azmi Mahmoud Taha Abeed, 51, 3wadat Anas Akram Mohamed Alsekafy, 18, male Hussam Mahmoud Hussein Alastal, 12, male Eiyad Naser Abdo Sharab, mohwnnad, male Khalid Majed Subhi Albatesh, 20, male Three 3awda different times in the Shujayea neighbourhood, a driver for Gaza news agency Media 24 in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, and another five were dpisode while not on duty.


For the most part, these are bare, uninhabited areas and Israel always bombs them at the beginning of any military operation in the Gaza Strip. Ahmed Salem Khamis Shaat, 22, male Layla Abbas Ismaeel Alwaheedy, 60, female Adel Abdallah Salem Asaleem, 38, male Emad Faisal Ouda Abusalimah, 18, male Yasmeen Mahmoud Hussein Alastal, 5, female Waleed Saeed Naser Alaajla, 7, male Ahmed Ibrahim Abdallah Abueitah, 31, male Ashraf Ahmed Musa Alselawi, 36, male Thaker Ayman Siyam, male Ayman Nasri Alnaouq, 23, male Sulaiman Ahmed Sulaiman Abujaamei, 20, male Ismaeel Mahmoud Mohamed Abuzareefa, 58, male Mohamed Hafid Ragheb Alzaini, 25, male Last time, in Episoddethe airstrikes focused on the tunnels by the border.

Mazin Faraj Mohamed Al Jarba, 28, male No one asked us to evacuate, but some families were afraid and decided to leave. Kamal Mohamed Mohamed Abuaamer, 39, male Khalid Riyad Mohamed Hamd, 24, male Refaat Yousef Shabaan Aamer, 35, male Hani Adel Mohamed Abuhashish, 23, male Seraj Yasser Ahmed Abujaamei, 4, male Mohamed Fareed Alastal, male Ahmed Mahmoud Hussein Aziz, 34, male Ayman Adham Yousef Alhajj Ahmed, 16, male Sulaiman Saeed Younis Abeed, 56, male