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Retrieved from ” https: I created a video showcasing this deck. Hey evident I wanted to ask in the top part of the guide it is mentioned you can sub in green skin for a naga cursair but is it better to sub in green skin or leave the naga cursair in as I got it recently from a pack and was wondering if I shoul put green skin in the deck. Patches, if Im not mistaken, tends to be one of the most, if not THE most used Legendary in tournaments! You can look for the mech version. August 25, at And a bit of dust, maybe 2k?

Hey Benji, very nice advice! February 17, at No top player is listet here — what a joke to then call it the best decks in standard. The Boomsday Project features nine labs full of crazy experiments, one for each class. I managed made a video showcasing the deck in action, I really hope you all enjoy. I also run leeroy as well, which has won me so many games in himself, as well as grapplehammer… Way better than featured list.

It seems like your only mission is to have people play your own shit: Would it be good to put a silence card like ironbeak in this deck? You can always just concede down to rank 20 if you want to play against bad decks. Why not Small-time bucaneer instead of firefly??

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. May 3, at They hyped me up too much with Galvadon at the end of those cringy videos, was disappointed by the ability in terms of my own hypebut was even more disappointed by the quest. Card sets Expansion sets. Announcing The Boomsday Project. A good deck for kids or people with mental disabilities who want to play hearthstone.

Dont decraft it just learn how to play with it. September 20, at 6: Playing fast improves the odds of your opponent rushing and making a mistake, and you need to play this thing fast I will even drag my feet if playing against pirate warrior to counter that.


Projects are spell cards which grant a powerful benefit to both players. Overall Archetype Winrates Winrates provided by Metastats. Thus, there are a handful of cards in The Boomsday Project that are reminiscent of cards from Goblins vs Gnomes.

Somehow I tend to get 4 mana card frequently. It has a similar game plan, but can perform it slightly better thanks to the better early game board control with upgraded Hero Power.

Aggro Pirate Warrior Deck List Guide – Kobolds – February 2018

Very true, glass Knight is easy to setup a defile clear for, but eat my weapon on turn 5 and cubelock becomes not fun. I was cursing this deck hhearthstoneultra I stumped up the dust to craft it myself.

Replaced one frothing beserker with Hobart and getting good results so far, if you have a FWA then you get free dread corsairs. I really enjoy this deck but it seems impossible to win against any shaman.

The meta is the ladder, the ladder is the meta. No need to thank me. October 15, at 7: September 24, at 1: Tier 1 Decks Odd Paladin The deck was heavily nerfed in the first Rastakhan nerf patch, because it lost one of its biggest win conditions Level Up!

June 14, at 2: Boom was released a few weeks prior to the release of The Boomsday Project. If you start with him in your hand your winrate increases significantly! Curious what the best overall class is? March 30, hearthsotneultra 2: Over the weekend of Augusta few days prior to the full launch of the expansion, players had the opportunity to attend special Pre-Release Fireside Gatherings in select locations around the world, allowing them to open their The Boomsday Project card packs early and play with the cards from the new expansion in special Fireside Brawls.


But they put it out everytime anyway. September 19, wardior 7: Is it necessary and what do you use it for? As a fellow fan of Control-style decks, let me posit this question: You claim you dont care if people say you probably just suck but you are in the same message throwing around with ban talk. Dont try to build this, it works pretty bad, i just lost 4k dust for this trash deck, thanks.

Is Marsh Drake a good replacement for corridor creeper in odd pali? February 17, at But most of all, the ranking of decks tier list is completly bullshit. May 1, at 9: Which should I use?

Zamos’ Thousand Armor Warrior – Hearthstone Decks

There are no words for what I just read! Zoo Warlock Zoo Warlock sneaks back into harthstoneultra meta after the latest nerf patch. I got a good win rate with it. December 24, warrjor Not that I currently play the deck given the anti-aggro meta we have right now.

Plus, aggro decks are half the dust price of a control deck. May 18, at 3: August 12, at 9: April 16, at 2: Anyway… without patches its not the same deck. Was previously a run of terrible luck … started bad again today, dropped from 13 to 14 then started to turn it around — got to rank 12 before I got bored.