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Added now, was in the process of getting this updated. August 3, at 9: Average “play the green card and go face” player spotted. March 30, at 2: Hearthstone content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Blizzard and its licensors. Seriously, it gets tiring hearing people complain about how blizzard is always the worst when they are actually doing more now than ever before. C’Thun Warrior has been a dominating force on the ladder, solidifying its role as the end-all-be-all control deck. When this deck curves out properly, it can be hard to stop.

Deathwing is still considered as a necessary tech card in the current meta. Ramp Druid moves to the top of Tier 3 as the dominance of Warrior continues on ladder. Is Marsh Drake a good replacement for corridor creeper in odd pali? You just need to find whats best for you and learn to use it properly. Pirate Warrior has risen in popularity lately as a deck to punish anyone that starts off slow. February 4, at 2: Because of their refinement and consistency, Aggro Shaman and Zoolock keep their spots in Tier 1.

Card reveals from press and members of the Hearthstone community began following a card reveal livestream featuring Senior Game Designer Peter Whalen and caster Brian “bmkibler” Kibler on July 23, March 30, at 2: With C’Thun Warrior being such a popular deck on the ladder, Patron Warrior would need something like Yogg-Saron to have a chance of winning. This is my defacto Hearthstone site and point people to it that are looking for guidance.

March 5, at Dragons, C’Thun, Control, make it stop! A deck to take a look at is odd warrior. In other words, you hearthstneultra use all ladder decks to climb, but the meta decks are the few at the top who can climb way easier than the other decks.


We include the best deck list for each archetype, as well as their winrates against other popular decks. Projects are spell cards which grant a powerful benefit to both players.

This deck aims to be in front going into xeason before playing cards like Bloodlust, Doomhammer, or Thunder Bluff Valiant to really push hearthxtoneultra advantage and close out the game.

The team iterated on the idea and came up with directional implementation, which acts like magnetic poles. It has the best turn opener in the game with Tunnel Trogg followed by Totem Golem, before closing the game out with Doomhammer. If you get halfway decent at arena, it stops being hard making decent decks.

April 19, at 3: Pirate Warrior warior an aggressive Warrior variant that utilizes pirate synergy to create a strong early warrikr. Removed and updated some lists. C’Thun Priest is just not good enough of a deck to climb with when compared to other, more refined decks.

This can present a serious challenge, especially with taunt minions. In the most simple terms possible, Freeze Mage revolves around cycling through your deck, drawing Alexstrasza, and then using burn spells to kill your opponent.

Warrior Musical Chairs (July 03, 2016)

The Boomsday Project was first teased on February 27th,when Blizzard announced the changes and new content planned for the Year of wargior Raventhe third year of standard format.

April 14, at 5: May 6, at 4: Naiman piloted an all-face deck lineup, including this featured Pirate Warrior, to great success, to qualify for the Starladder LAN in Shanghai.

Zoo is a strategy that revolves around taking the board early, using minions and buffs to favorably trade up with higher-value minions. Ramp Druid moves to the top of Tier 3 as the dominance of Warrior continues on ladder. Also, killinallday is a notable open tournament player, winning multiple open tournaments and having a stockpile of top 4 finishes.


Just as important as what is present is what is not present. April 9, at 6: September 22, at Thanks for the Odd Paladin add. Heal zoo is damn good rn.

Odd Warrior While the Quest version of Odd Warrior hearthstonrultra to be slightly better in the current meta, the regular version, which plays almost like an old-school Control Warrior, still has something to say. SHudderwock shaman is at least a high tier two, if not a tier one, deck.

Introducing Heroic Tavern Brawl! – Hearthstone

I have been playing Hearthstone since November, C’Thun Warrior has been a dominating force on the ladder, solidifying its role as the end-all-be-all control deck. As a fellow fan of Control-style decks, let me posit this question: Warruor all the gold, GVG TGT and the other expansion that is no logner in standard, as well as, the balckrock mountain?

We don’t foresee these two classes doing well without either a drastic meta shift or some brilliant innovations to the decks. I had the same feeling, but i tryed out the New handlock and it kicks ass. Paladin is back to its control roots, with N’Zoth to add as a win condition that old school Healadin lacked.