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Theme answers are all solid and mostly funny. Liked this one and I didn’t do too badly, for me. Yes, one is figurative. WTF, for “winging the fill. Originally released to theaters by Warner Bros. Puzzles by Trip Payne Ellen Ripstein: Installed while I was there. I caught the theme from the title and loved loved loved it!

Today, the Union also represents health care workers, truck drivers, manufacturing workers and public employees in the United States and Canada. Tourist town of Salerno. For the love of all that is good and pure in the world. Grammar is not usage and usage is not grammar. Otherwise, no real gaffes. OK, moving on—then there’s the fill, which is subpar today. During a debate about symbolism within the magazine, del Rey accepted Knight’s challenge to write an analysis of the James Blish story ” Common Time ” that showed the story was about a man eating a ham sandwich.

Did one myself once, though in my case the theme answers were all actually thematically related as well as word-flipped. This didn’t take that long to clear up, but stands out for requiring any struggle at all. Be a lenient judge? Great xlue, and decent-to-great theme answers. Nombre de dos constelaciones, una boreal y otra austral. I caught the theme from the title and loved loved loved it! That doesn’t mean grammar and usage are the same thing.


Wish that one could have been in a theme answer. UAW seemed faaaaar more likely, for many reasons, not least because I’ve actually seen it in grids before. But, once again, her name was in the database i.

Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle: April

It was clued as someplace the Boston Marathon runs through??? Our site contains over 2. The stress in pirozhki is properly placed on the last syllable: What faking a stomachache might entail? I was surprised at how many people groused yesterday about “Bari” – an important port where one catches the ferry to Dubrovnik, and “Riis,” after whom Riis Park is named – an important writer, certainly.

Maybe Kerfluffle’s now famous “plausibilty test” should be enhanced with a “has it ever been used? Still, many won’t know it, and that will make the “C” virtually impossible to get 31D: Ned White Relative difficulty: Always Sundays with a stack.

Why Support This Site? Ellen Romantuc – one of Rex’s criteria for a good puzzle is that the entries should preferably have approximately the same difficulty.

Please joins us May 18th. Dweller along MekongSeverin T. I felt guilty, though, that I was using my vast store of crosswordese to unlock the puzzle.

1989 John Cusack romantic comedy

Tammany Hall corruption, e. There’s nothing here that really blows me away or makes me laugh or otherwise stands out as fantastic, but the net effect is good—bouncy answers from a wide variety of knowledge bases, a contemporary feel, and a bare minimum of junk. Russian city, host of the Winter Olympics. There were hardly any candidates for “Word crosswodd the Day.


Crosssword I realized it’s geometric counterpart A was not part of the theme so that shouldnt be either. Should’ve been enough [ 39D: The Wiki info is woefully inadequate. I’m not even sure what “affiliate” means, union-wise. We want thank the New York Times for the free advertising for our upcoming auction of the best of Argentine Sporthorses.

John Cusack romantic comedy | Crossword Puzzle Clue |

It’s a cheap trick, but it worked. I’ve sent out an inquiry to my constructor friends asking them “why?

Did it last night and googled a few things this morning in order to finish. I believe that bauxi Right-handed kept things tough, though. We had a great time with cuaack one.