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That looks like an Asian chick in the pregnancy picture. I believe wholeheartedly that she faked the whole pregnancy. We will keep an eye on his case and update when we know more. I tried and failed, I hate to admit to be strong for Emma’s mom I don’t want to give her name online. Photos of the small, very very precious amount of time you have with that baby is all you have. So there can definitely be stupid sociopaths and she most definitely would fit into that category. The other day I was at an ATM and the car before me just drove away.

The photos have since been removed from Instagram. I am not trying to be graphic I am just sharing the info so it is more clear to those who want to understand it. That irritates me to no end. If you did, I must say I was impressed with all the digging you did into Nikkole’s story. We completely go with whatever the family wishes. There’s a program that takes wedding dresses and makes infant burial clothes for people going through things like this.

However an abundance of research suggests the stillbirth would have happened anyway. That would be extremely traumatizing to a child that young!!!

It would take too much money to get a lawyer in order to prosecute Sexson. She’s possibly the worst example of a woman and human being I have ever witnessed.

I was at the bank one time and the peegnant in front of me withdrew money i don’t remember how much and they drove off and forget to physically get the cash out of the dispenser. You know that dopey cartoon type dinosaur??

I haven’t quite bounced back from jowh second child. I almost wish she WAS mentally ill. Most recently, the year-old was arrested in Texas after attempting to choke someone he was living with.


As in, “look sad about your dead brother” hanging his head. Hugs to you, LMP. If nothing else for her mom!

Cougar Ladyfriend I forgot to address your specific question. Oops yea that’s what I meant. Nothing makes sense of slutballs situation.

‘16 & Pregnant’ Alum Nikkole Files Restraining Order Against Violent, Unstable Baby Daddy

This wasn’t the mother carrying it around though, it was her siblings. Ugh, Snd can’t stand her or her stupid, ugly, dinosaur face! I got mine under the muscle though so mine might have been worse than whatever she did.

Search for ” Nikkole ” on Amazon. Pitocin induces labor but oftentimes it is a longer process than what it would be naturally. I would imagine her brother would still live at home and was witness to this current cray.

Honestly, it was just so horrible and insane that I felt she needed to get a huge reality check. An track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Nikkole PaulunSlip Up Regarding Stillbirth | Teen Mom Junkies

She would have photos of the actual child and we all know that if this truly happened to her nikmole that poor kid Lyle, she’d sell those dead baby pictures before you could say “Boobs Through Your Belly Button. In April, Nikkole updated fans on their most recent break up. She should be in fucking jail honestly.

Don’t mess with your face! She had her boobs placed in through her belly button and it was an outpatient procedure. I have not been paying attention to this story and I come into it seeing this article from Megan as the first bit of information on it that I am getting. I have same on her Facebook and she said she took pictures when sam gave birth to her baby Charlie she even took some holding Charlie but she threatened nikkole of she used those she would take legal action that’s problably why she took some in her moms room If I remember there were problems with her filming in the state she was in.


Teen Mom 2, Season 9 Episode 6: I have no idea what the policy is now on that, but my mom had my brother still born in the 90s. I thought that pregnant girl Permalink Submitted by jollyrancherhai She is a horrible person.

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You could tell drugs were playing a part already. The hospital let my parents and 3 other siblings in the room once her was gone come in and take pictures and do whatever they needed to do.

And that is solely because I don’t know what it’s like to carry a child. This is really sad hope he gets the help he needs. Ugh it’s horrible enough to lie to strangers about that, but the fact that she needlessly put her toddler son through some real emotional trauma is the icing on the shit cake.