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It just makes it longer. The time now is That sound you hear is Reginald Rose spinning his casket into splinters. A pesky bird that flutters around the gymnasium is clearly meant to represent something. Kendall Square Running time: August 13th, , Russian Proficiency Test Russian Test:

The prisoner is now a Chechen boy Apti Magamaev , accused of stabbing his Russian Army-officer stepfather to death. August 13th, , Ty Burr can be reached at tburr globe. All times are GMT. Kendall Square Running time: Without giving too much away, the movie’s solution is:

Kendall Square Running time: Wnglish jurors are dispatched to a high school gym to weigh his fate and 11 initially vote to send him to prison for life.


It is the subtitles for Nikita Mihalkov’s “12” movie. The dissenter Sergey Makovetsky is mmikhalkov engineer, an upper-class businessman who has spent time in the lower depths, and he sympathizes with the underdog.

Add Thread to del. Share Share this post on Digg Del. So, this topic is about subtitles A pesky bird that flutters around the gymnasium is clearly meant to represent something.

’12’ filled with symbolism

Once again, the loudest of the jurors is an unrepentant racist Sergey Garmashoverflowing with bile toward both the accused and an elderly Jewish juror Valentin Gaft. I usually manage, mikalkov sometimes Mikhalkov is lucky to have these actors, who flesh out these one-note creations. That sound you hear is Reginald Rose spinning eglish casket into splinters. Brigada with Russian subtitles. Your Name Your e-mail address for return address purposes E-mail address of recipients separate multiple addresses with commas Name and both e-mail fields are required.

Results 1 to 2 of 2. So, I’m going to start by asking for something I’ve been looking for. Russian Movies By pgmatg in forum Russian Movies.


Any help would be very appreciated. The jury includes a bigoted taxi driver Sergey Garmasha television producer Yuri Stoyanova philosopher Valentin Gaft and a surgeon Sergei Gazarov. Various classes and ethnicities are represented: Mikhail Gorbachev, or an actor playing him, does put in a cameo appearance during the film’s bewildering opening sequence, though.

PG violent images, disturbing content, thematic material, brief sexual and drug references, and smoking. August 13th, The others just want to get on with it, but the engineer shames them into considering the human life in their hands. Somewhat startlingly but not reallyMikhalkov answers that, no, sorry, it’s not.

12 with English subtitles online

PG violent images, disturbing content, thematic material, brief sexual and drug references, and smoking In Russian, with subtitles. Still, the performances of those playing the jurors are solid, and the story does hold some interest. As in the earlier American version, it’s a varied group of men that’s been sequestered in a school gymnasium in pursuit of “justice. Russian Proficiency Test Russian Test: But much of it is done so clumsily that the characters verge on becoming caricatures.

Russian Movies Subtitles Hello! I’m a fan of Russian movies and sometimes I go through a lot of trouble finding English subtitles. And the characters reflect certain aspects of society — such as meek intellectuals, the fearful and suspicious middle-class and the arrogant elite.

What do you know about Christmas villains? Maybe some rare Russian movie subtitles are not to be found on the usual sites, I thought we post here our requests and hopefully answers and links to subtitles. The new film’s not only almost double the length of the original, it’s four times as ambitious – a sprawling, surrealist, ultimately disturbing portrait of a society lurching uncertainly toward democracy.

I managed only to find the subtitles on Subtitles mikhakkov download DivX subtitles from the biggest open subtitles databasebut they’re incomplete VERY incompleteonly about 20 minutes, after that there’s just junk. Ukrainian – Russian Skbtitles And Subtitles! The sturdy frame of Reginald Rose’s original teleplay adapted by Sidney Lumet for the movies three years later still peeks through the new script’s reupholstery. And “expanding” is putting it mildly. Nikita Mikhalkov Written by: All on their own, the sequestered jury members uncover evidence incriminating another suspect, and the movie then becomes a debate on how best to deal with the endemic corruption that seems part of the Russian national character.


Just the Russian soul. Mikhxlkov “12,” director Nikita Mikhalkov takes the old Hollywood classic “12 Angry Men” – a tense, minimalist warhorse about jury members hashing out a verdict – and repurposes it into a Slavic psychological epic. All times are GMT. February 10th, By Yazeed in forum General Discussion.

They’re supposed to decide the fate of a Chechen teen Apti Magamaevwho’s been accused of killing his Russian stepfather. Nikita Mikhalkov’s film was a foreign-language Mikhaalkov nominee. And they’re about ready to convict him of the crime — all except for one holdout, englsih boozy inventor Sergei Makovetsky.

For more on movies, go to www. I thought that this topic might be useful. Follow this list on Twitter: The film’s a haul but it’s imaginative and rarely dull, especially once you realize how far it has strayed in principle from its source. Targeted corruption; constructive corruption.